Epinephrine Snap-EMS kit

Item Number: 71923-100-20

Epinephrine Snap-EMS is designed to treat anaphylaxis in patients weighing equal to or greater than 15 kg or 33 lbs. Each kit contains one (1) vial of epinephrine 1 mg/ mL, two (2) Epinephrine Syringe™ injectors, two (2) 23 guage 1 inch safety needles and other supplies necessary for administering epinephrine. Kits are assembled in an FDA-approved facility.

U.S. Patent 1183336 and additional patents pending

One Sheet (pdf)

Instructions For Use (pdf)

Comparison of Snap Medical kits (pdf)

In situations where seconds count, the Epinephrine Snap-EMS Kit is a crucial tool, equipped with Epinephrine Syringes™ that ensure quick and accurate delivery of emergency medication for anaphylaxis. This kit is meticulously assembled to meet the urgent needs of emergency medical services, providing a streamlined solution for emergency anaphylaxis treatment. With these epinephrine kits, responders are better prepared to manage severe allergic reactions efficiently, making them an indispensable asset in emergency medical settings.

Empower your response team with the tools they need to save lives during an allergic emergency. The Epinephrine Snap-EMS Kit, featuring The Epinephrine Syringe™ injectors for rapid deployment, is your partner in providing effective emergency anaphylaxis treatment. Don't wait for the next emergency to realize the importance of being prepared. Equip your team today by ordering one of our trusted epinephrine kits.

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