Epinephrine Snap-V kit

NDC: 71923-200-20

Epinephrine Snap-V is designed to treat anaphylaxis in patients weighing equal to or greater than 15 kg or 33 lbs. Each kit contains one (1) vial of epinephrine 1 mg/ mL, three (3) Epinephrine Syringe™ injectors, three (3) 23 guage 1 inch safety needles and other supplies necessary for administering epinephrine. Kits are assembled in an FDA-approved facility.

U.S. Patent 1183336 and additional patents pending.

One Sheet (pdf)

Instructions For Use (pdf)

Comparison of Snap Medical kits (pdf)

Effective anaphylaxis therapy requires prompt and reliable administration of epinephrine, and the Epinephrine Snap-V Kit is specifically designed to meet this critical need. Equipped with three (3) Epinephrine Syringes, the kit provides a streamlined solution for health care professionals to quickly treat severe Type 1 allergic reactions. Its ease of use and rapid deployment capabilities make it an essential component in anaphylaxis management protocols.

The compact nature of the Epinephrine Snap-V Kit ensures that health care providers are prepared to treat those at risk for severe allergic reactions have immediate access to epinephrine for anaphylaxis. The carefully assembled kit includes a clearly labeled Epinephrine Syringe, allowing for fast identification and administration of epinephrine during the crucial moments an allergic reaction begins. This kit is a testament to the commitment of providing comprehensive and user-friendly anaphylaxis therapy options to health care providers.

Be prepared to act swiftly and decisively in the face of an allergic emergency with our Epinephrine Snap-V Kit. Don't wait for anaphylaxis to strike unprepared—take the first step towards safety and assurance; order your Epinephrine Snap-V Kit today!

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