Epinephrine Snap kit

Item Number: 71923-300-13

For more precise dosing, including even the littlest patients. Designed for medical management of anaphylaxis. Each Epinephrine Snap® kit contains one (1) vial of epinephrine 1mg/ mL, three (3) 1 mL non- residual gasket for minimal dead space syringes, three (3) 23 guage 1 inch safety needles and supplies for administration in an anaphylactic emergency. The 1 mL, Non-Residue Gasket For Minimal Dead Space Syringes provide for more precise dosing, for even the littlest patients while reducing drug waste.

Kits are assembled in an FDA-approved facility.

One Sheet (pdf)

Instructions For Use (pdf)

Comparison of Snap Medical kits (pdf)


The urgency of anaphylaxis requires immediate and accurate intervention, which our epinephrine emergency kit is meticulously crafted to provide. It offers a streamlined, dependable solution for anaphylactic emergencies, ensuring that patients of all sizes can receive precise dosing. Our kit is recognized for its meticulous engineering, featuring a minimal dead space, non-residue syringe to minimize medication waste and maximize treatment efficacy.

In critical situations where every second counts, having an emergency epinephrine kit at hand can make the difference. Our kit is designed for ease of use, portability, and peace of mind, making it an ideal choice for infusion suites, schools, medical facilities, and physician and dental offices. Equipped with everything needed for administering up to three doses, it is the definitive epinephrine injection kit for those committed to being ready to face severe allergic reactions with confidence.

Be prepared for any allergic emergency—order your Epinephrine Snap Kit today!

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