The Epinephrine Syringe

The Epinephrine Syringe™ allows for easier dosing in anaphylactic emergencies. The syringe has visual markings with the standard epinephrine doses in anaphylaxis. It is designed for health care provider use when administering subcutaneous or intramuscular epinephrine 1 mg/ mL to an adult or pediatric patient in an anaphylactic emergency. It has a luer lock tip and has marked gradients of 0.15 mL, 0.3 mL and 0.5 mL, as these represent the common doses of epinephrine for adults, teens and children. The syringes are individually packaged and sterilized with ethaline oxide (EO) by the FDA approved manufacturer.

Please note that epinephrine is a weight-based drug and The Epinephrine Syringe™ does not provide for dosing of less than 0.15 mg (mL) or a patient weighing less than 15 kg.

The Epinephrine Syringe™  is not for IV use. It is disposable and designed for single use.  Once used, it is to be discarded in accordance with OSHA, CDC and facility safety standards.

The Epinephrine Syringe™ is not made with natural rubber latex.

The syringes are available in our Epinephrine Snap-V kits as well as our EpinephrineSnap-EMS kits.