A better way to handle anaphylaxis.


Our kit contains all of the supplies necessary for administering epinephrine to both children and adults. It is assembled in an FDA-approved facility which also carries licensing to repackage pharmaceuticals in all 50 states.

Using the EpinehrineSnap-V kit in 30 seconds.

EpinephrineSnap-V is available at a variety of wholesalers.

Coming Soon: Our new EMS kit is specifically designed to meet the protocols of the Emergency Medical market.

Coming Soon: Our proprietary syringe has been created for health care providers, to use when drawing up epinephrine 1mg/mL from a vial or ampul for administration in the event of anaphylaxis.

Training Products

Coming Soon: Our Training and Demonstration Kit provides an opportunity for the clinician to review the actual kit (excluding the Adrenalin).

Coming Soon: Our EMS Training and Demonstration Kit provides an opportunity to review the actual kit (excluding the Adrenalin).


Snap Medical Industries, LLC is proud to support AmeriCares in their mission to provide worldwide disaster relief, emergency programs, clinical services and community health programs by donating emergency convenience kits.

We believe in making wishes come true. This year we commit to making one very special wish a reality for a local teenage super hero and her family.

Our Story

Like many caregivers, Nancy Creadon is mission-driven to improve lives. She quickly learned that the cost of life-saving medications could prove mission-impossible for too many patients and care givers. So, she created a business that could help health care providers accomplish their shared mission.

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