A better way to handle anaphylaxis

…and meet treatment protocols for Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, and
Emergency Medical Service providers.
 Our anaphylaxis treatment kits
are a low-cost alternative to epinephrine auto injectors.


Our kit is designed to treat anaphylaxis in patients weighing equal to or greater than 15 kg or 33 lbs.

Each kit is assembled in an FDA-approved facility which also carries licensing to repackage pharmaceuticals in all 50 states.

EMS kit is specifically designed to meet the protocols of the Emergency Medical market.

The kit contains all of the supplies necessary for administering epinephrine to both children and adults.

The Epinephrine Syringe

Our proprietary syringe allows for easier dosing in anaphylactic emergencies and has visual markings with the standard epinephrine doses in anaphylaxis.

“Thank you for supplying such a good alternative to the EpiPen! Our business is very happy to enjoy the savings!”

— Michelle, Surgery Center, Everett, WA

“***** Easy to use, comes with instructions and much cheaper than buying Epipens!”

— Rachel, Pedodontist, Cedar Park, TX

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How to use the
Epinephrine Snap-V kit
in 25 seconds.

“I have been trying to find a practical source for emergency epinephrine for years! My supply has expired and a State Board inspection noticed that. You are a life saver!”

— Dr. Johnson, St. Paul, MN

“***** Excellent”

— Dr. Aura, Dentist, Miami, FL

Training Products

Training and Demonstration Kit provides an opportunity for the clinician to review the actual kit (excluding the Adrenalin).

EMS Training and Demonstration Kit provides an opportunity to review the actual kit (excluding the Adrenalin).


Snap Medical Industries, LLC is proud to support AmeriCares in their mission to provide worldwide disaster relief, emergency programs, clinical services and community health programs by donating emergency convenience kits.

"Americares thanks Snap Medical for their donation of Epinephrine Snap Kits, an essential medicine that can help people affected by poverty and disaster who are at risk for emergency anaphylaxis."
- Dr. Julie Varughese
Vice President, Technical Unit & Chief Medical Officer

My commitment to Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana has been bolstered this year as I am participating as a W.I.S.H. Woman (Women Inspiring Strength and Hope). It's personal to me and I believe granting wishes improves critical clinical outcomes for our community members most in need. With the help of my friends, family and colleagues, we will make one very special wish for one very special young lady in central Ohio come true. Please consider donating.

Snap Medical is proud to partner with the ROX Program for Girls at Grove City High School in Ohio. The program is implemented during the school day by trained and licensed professionals with adolescent girls in grades 5-12. The 20-week curriculum gives girls an intentional opportunity to find value in themselves and their abilities and then focuses on teaching the skills necessary to negotiate adolescent challenges.


Our Story

Like many caregivers, Nancy Creadon is mission-driven to improve lives. She quickly learned that the cost of life-saving medications could prove mission-impossible for too many patients and care givers. So, she created a business that could help health care providers accomplish their shared mission.

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