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Epinephrine Snap-EMS

NDC: 71923-100-20

Our EMS kit is specifically designed to meet the protocols of the Emergency Medical market and contains all of the supplies necessary for administering epinephrine to both children and adults. It is assembled in an FDA-approved facility which also carries licensing to repackage pharmaceuticals in all 50 states.

Indicated for use in people weighing equal to or greater than 15 kg or 33 lbs.

To Order: Contact us at (800) 875-4508 or

Patent pending.

Epinephrine Snap-EMS
One Sheet (pdf)
Instructions For Use (pdf)

Also available: Our EMS Training and Demonstration Kit provides an opportunity for the clinician to review the actual kit (excluding the Adrenalin).

Available at a variety of Wholesalers




McKesson Pharma

McKesson Medical Surgical



Salus Medical

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